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L C Tyler

‘A fast-paced tale of double-crossing and double agents during a tumultuous period in English history …. the humour running through the book is a delight’  The Times

Herring Series  

This series features a crime writer named Ethelred Tressider and his agent, Elsie Thirkettle. They encountered their first dead body in The Herring Seller's Apprentice back in 2007. Since then Ethelred has solved a number of crimes, and has been shot at, kidnapped, arrested, menaced, deceived, abandoned and insulted - the last of these mainly by his agent. At the same time, Elsie has consumed many kilos of chocolate. They make a good team.

John Grey Mysteries

The second series features John Grey, a seventeenth century lawyer, who stumbles across the body of a murdered spy, and later has good cause to wish that he hadn't. He too has a side-kick, his childhood friend, Aminta Clifford, who is no more trustworthy now than she was when she was five. The action takes place in Cromwell's time - that's Oliver Cromwell, not the other guy. For those who wrongly believe that the Tudors are more fun than the Stuarts, I would refer you to my definitive vindication of the seventeenth century on the DHH blog.

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